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Trained dogs

I purchased Sox, a 4 year old fully-trained Cocker spaniel from Alan (Pickforal Kennels) in September 2004. I have for the last 6 years
used her for beating, picking-up, and as a peg dog. She immediately bonded with our Welshie and we had no problems changing her
from a kennel dog to a house dog. She proved to be a very well-trained dog and within the month was out working with me,
She has worked as many as 60 days in the season and at 10, she did 49 days this year. She is in demand for the quality of her work
which is a compliment to the basic training she received at Pickforal.
David Dukes
Pickforal Bobby Dazzler aka Bob, well what can I say? He was trained to whistle association with food at just 8 weeks of age when
we picked him up from Alan and Alison. We continued with the whistle training when we got Bob home and now at just 8 months old
we have a fantastically obedient puppy who comes immediately to the whistle when called on a walk. Bob is an absolute pleasure to
own, he curls himself around the children when they sit on the floor watching the TV. My 8 year old daughter is walking Bob to heel
beautifully on the lead. He is a wonderfully calm puppy with a beautiful temperament. Our family adore Bob so much our home
wouldn't be the same without him. He is a credit to Pickforal Kennels. Thank you Alison and Alan for such a wonderful dog.
Mark and Alison Strickland

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Alan and Alison Child of Pickforal Kennels for many years. I have bought 2 dogs from them over the last 16 years. Joe, a black Labrador, lived till the ripe old age of 15, an absolutely fantastic dog with a great temperament, highly intelligent and a marvellous dog with the family. Sadly he passed away and recently we purchased another Labrador, this time a yellow dog called Bailey who is turning out to be an even better specimen. He is fantastic with the family and extremely clever dog.

I have no hesitation in recommending these people as breeders of a fine line of working Labradors. They have always been ready to field my questions and to help me. We have also boarded our dogs with Pickforal Kennels over the last 16 years and we have never had a problem. I personally would not buy another dog from any other breeder, and would not use any others kennels for my dogs, such is my faith in their expertise, good judgement and knowledge.

Robert C Hemmings


I have been boarding my labrador, Bonny, at Pickforal Kennels for the past 14 years.  This in itself speaks volumes.  It seems that there is nothing that Alison and Alan don't know about the breed and I trust them implicitly when it comes to the welfare of my pet. I know that every time she stays there she is well cared for and I have complete peace of mind whilst I am away.  I have no hesitation in recommending Pickforal.

Wendy Davies