Acme whistles £7.50
Training leads (handmade by Alan) from £10
Dummies £7.50
Elastic Rabbit (dummy with 10 metres of bungee rope) from £17.50
Occasionally dried pheasant and duck wings are available to attach to dummies and are priced at £2 each

Dog Food

We offer two products which our own dogs are fed on and which we highly recommend. We have been using these for many years and can offer them at competitive prices as we purchase them directly from the manufacturers.
Trusty 15 kilo bag £14
Rustrock 15 kilo bag £13

A book by Pickforal Kennels and Cattery owner Alan J Child


“After reading this book in full I feel that I have a renewed outlook on training my dog. I can describe this book in so many ways but my first thoughts were that it is a guide on how to manage my own thoughts and expectations when training Landi, my 11 month old English Springer Spaniel. “